Slides migration from old CD to new CD

Slides migration from old CD to new CDCorporate Design, CD, is an important part of the corporate identity and includes the overall appearance of a company or an organization. Since the colours, slogans and the general standards of design change, the corporate design also has to be modified from time. Of course, the corporate identity includes values, image of the company and corporate design. Nevertheless, make changes from time to time. The colours change, fonts go out of fashion, the layout of graphics and text develops further. Today, no one wants to see slides from the 1990s, even though the target audience is the same.

Replace old CD with the new CD

The designers have to do the work carefully when new CD is required. The new CD must be adjusted based on the CI of the company. Imagine something like the renovation of a building: old substance is retained, carefully protected and supported and new structure is created at the end. This migration is not challenging technically, but takes a lot of time. This service at PowerPoint Outsourcing is fast, affordable and reliable.

Slides in the old VD? Better not!

Why cannot some, at least in-house presentations remain in the old CD? The design must be uniform and always instantly recognizable. Therefore, it is really not advisable to leave unused slides in the old CD. New CD should be created, even if the presentation will only be used internally and not for a client or customer. Not only customers and clients but also employees identify with the company and recognize the corporate identity, which itself expresses in the corporate design, to some extent as its own.

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