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PowerPoint examples

The most important thing to us is that you are satisfied as a customer. Ultimately, it is a matter of communication. We always ensure that our customers are happy and like working with us as we make their projects perfect. Check out some of our work examples.

Master templates Slides modification Design

Company presentation

If you need a new presentation for your company, you can get an impression of our work from our examples. Company presentations can be newly designed or modified using templates.

Examples of 3D-design in PowerPoint

We also provide diagrams; shapes and more to be designed in 3D (see the multidimensional cubes shown in the example). Such designs are always catchy and make an impact!

Examples of modified presentations

It happens very often; that customers bring old presentations that need a new look all together. Yes, you have come to the right agency – PowerPoint Outsourcing! Here are some examples, where we have modified ready presentations.

Examples of newly designed presentations

Have you ever noticed that you have everything you need for a project, but a professional presentation is missing? Let us astound you! Let us show you some examples of how it might look, so that you know what you will get from us at the end and we will know what your needs are.

PowerPoint templates New designs for slides Formatting

Unpolished vs. polished (simple modification)

A quick overview of our service of slide modification. Here we have combined a few PowerPoint examples where you see the differences that PowerPoint Outsourcing has made.

Some before/ after PowerPoint examples

Diagrams, photos, texts and graphics … are you not happy with the look? No problem, PowerPoint Outsourcing makes it perfect! These PowerPoint examples show what all is possible. Do you now find the elements for your presentation?

Tips for PowerPoint

As a part of examples we also have some tips for you which will help you create a PowerPoint presentation on your own, although a PowerPoint agency can do it easily for you! We will discuss how to insert videos, how to create charts, how to integrate variations… and much more. You will be impressed by the examples.

Prezi examples

Prezi Masters is a group of Prezi experts at PowerPoint Outsourcing. We create stylish and trending Prezis using latest presentation software. Through Prezi you can tell stories or give a surprise at special events. Here are some of the examples of our work:

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