Editing and viewing of PowerPoint presentations

editing and viewingA PowerPoint presentation is mostly a business presentation for your current and future customers and key business partners. There should not be any doubt that the presentation and therefore the company are professional. Content errors of spelling from facts and figures to numbers are a taboo. It is a typical phenomenon that the long and detailed study for the creation of a sales presentation (example) can lead to a kind of operational blindness. Therefore, it is always recommended that proofreading has to be carried out by third party. As a part of the review, each slide is not only checked for spelling and grammar but also for punctuations. Because the structure and templates used apply a large number of technical transfers and reformatting, and transmission errors are not excluded. Converted file formats can lead to impairment of font embedding and representations. This leads to uneven text gradients and uneven intervals of each letter. In addition to the positions and the accuracy of text the review also includes all graphic elements on content and positioning. Special features such as the ideal position of the speaker from the screen can be decided.

Ideally, the proofreading is the last part of the presentation. Following the successful implementation, the flawless PowerPoint presentation can be presented in front of the decision makers for approval. At this stage, the films are professionally prepared, though substantive checks and corrections have been executed. These include in particular numbers and measurements, currency names, proper names of all kinds, including any titles, captions, scales and values in graphs and scale graphical formats of relations and history lines. An error on a single slide may question the credibility of the entire PowerPoint presentation.

During the detailed check of each slide, the editor pays attention to the external influences and possible defects at the same time. The slides may show breaks or visible production defects. It is equally embarrassing when during an event, the projected image shows defects due to which the content becomes difficult to read. The overall graphical appearance is taken into consideration during the review at our PowerPoint Agency, so that for example, unwanted colour differences are detected. Insufficient contrasts that result in poor legibility, dazzling elements and any necessary specific projection requirements are found and corrected or adjusted.

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