Consultation and conceptualization of the presentation

Consultation and conceptualizationAll eyes are on the screen and everyone is expecting an informative PowerPoint presentation. In order to interest the audience from the beginning, a thoughtful and consistent concept is important. With the first slide, you lay the foundation for success. You learn about presentation options, stylistic devices and strong content during the consolation session. Your current presentation can be taken from existing documents and previous presentations or is created and modified. You know your goal and intend to put your products, your service or your image in the centre, but are undecided with respect to the implementation. In a consultation, the agency compiles all the information and required graphics material. The concept is created and developed from a common theme. Density of different information, loosening of intermediate elements and the graphic presentation create an overall appearance. Convincing and appealing graphical elements, fonts and images make the presentation interesting.

The consultation includes the ability to continuously modify and update the slides. Each client has his own preferred way to communicate changes and adjustments. The Agency implements all your changes from handwritten notes to photographed sketches and incorporates them into the uniform appearance of the slides. The merging of different sources, mapping and the use of graphical modules lead to the conceptualization. Here, the speed and sequence of the slides play an important role.

An experienced agency knows many design options, which can embed and convert your existing presentation slides into a new and better form. A continuous corporate identity (CI) or elements of your corporate design (CD) find their places on text and table functions as well as around illustrations, diagrams and illustrations of all kinds. If a more dynamic form of presentation is desired, then the design and content can be transferred to a Prezi presentation. Conceptually even more individual elements can be integrated here. With the technology based on Flash or Air, moving animations can be implemented that enable additional dynamics and increase information of the presentation. A successful presentation will meet your business objective and remains persistent in the memory of your audience.

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